10 Mile 2Up 09-04-2014

The cycling racing resumed on Wednesday night after foul weather on the course the previous week forced a last minute decision to abandon the race for the riders safety.
This weeks race for the club championship was a 10 mile 2up, there was also an option to ride in a 10 mile TT.  With the racers all set and ready to go they made their way to the start area.
It was the fast pairing of Gary Robson and Ross Laidlaw who came home in a fast first place with a time of 22min 53sec. Racing for 3rd and fourth spot was closely fought  with young Craig Forsyth pairing up with
his senior partner David Johnston finishing in an impressive 24 min09 sec, a mere 9 sec behind Colin Tough and Rob Martin.

10 Mile 2Up

1 Ross Laidlaw Gary Robson 22:53
2 Colin Tough Rob Maetin 23:49
3 Leahn Parry Nathan Beard 24:00
4 Craig Forsyth David Johnston 24:09
5 Jim Stark Chris Adamson 24:22
6 Jack Houston George Gannicott 25:04
7 Charlie Roberts Bob Reid 27:33

In the 10 Mile TT, Ian Pearson topped the times in 23 min 44sec, almost a minute clear of the chasing riders and Neil Shephard in 24 min 45 sec, with another youngster chasing home his elders in 25 min 44 sec.

This weeks race is a challenging hilly race, starting at Abbotsford House car park, it will go over the Abbotsford height's, before turning to Selkirk and Left up and up the gruelling climb to Lindean. Turning Left onto

the St Boswells road and Left towards Melrose and the By-Pass before finishing at Abbotsford. Riders are reminded that a rear light is a CLUB REQUIREMENT during the races.

 Meeting at Abbotsford House Car Park from 5:45pm the race gets under way at 6:30pm sharp. Please be early and sign on

10 Mile TT

1 Ian Pearson   23:44
2 Neil Shepherd   24:45
3 Joe Agnew   25:44
4 Steven Lowes   26:03
5 Bill Lowes   26:33
6 Jeremy Weston   26:35
7 Liam Thomson   27:11
8 Toby Dawson   28:40
9 Gareth Murray   31:12
10 Murray Shiells   40:29