Lindean 29-04-2015

It was only last week that the riders were enjoying warm perfect conditions to race in, this week however it was cold and damp with rain threatening never far away as nine brave souls were ready to take on the 17 miles Lindean Hilly Time Trial. Illness had kept Rob Martin away this week but there was no shortage of speed as Nathan Beard took the bull by the horns and produced a Personnel Best time and a new Course Record completing the tough course in a blistering 42 min53 sec. Second placed Alistair Meikle 46 min 23 sec and third Neil Shephard 47 min 47 sec. It just wasn't to be yet again for Leahan Parry who last year had an issue with a hedge and this year a dnf suffering a puncture on the course. A correction and an apology for in last weeks report it should have read that new member Ross Ketteridge rode a 25 min 46 sec for his first 10 mile TT.

Lindean MTT  
1 Nathen Beard 00:42:53
2 Alistair Meikle 00:46:23
3 Neil Shepherd 00:47:47
4 Jeremy Weston 00:48:11
5 Graeme Lawrie 00:50:17
6 Rodger Kerr 00:51:23
7 Martin Bushell 00:51:28
8 Charlie Roberts 00:55:5
9 Leahan Parry DNF