9.5 Mile HTT 05-06-2013

To the hills we went and what a hill it was to be. Starting behind Selkirk Rugby Club the riders set off up the Yarrow valley before turning left at Yarrow Kirk and over the bridge then it was up and up to the summit of The Swire and the finishing line.

The nineteen riders all made it safely to the top, and were to be found soon afterwards lying exhausted on the grass recovering.  Riders of the night were Darren Lothian on his first ever Time Trial completing the 9 mile course in 32 min 54 sec, but it was the efforts of young Tobby Dawson showing what a promising rider he will be in the future coming up in 35 min 28 sec.


1 Gary Robson 00:28:30
2 Nathen Beard 00:28:33
3 Alistair Meikle 00:29:31
4 Neil Pendrich 00:30:03
5 Leahn Parry 00:30:26
6 Jim Stark 00:31:05
7 Simon Mills 00:31:21
8 Allan Dawson 00:31:31
9 Jack Houston 00:32:08
10 Chris Adamson 00:32:18
11 Neil Shepard 00:32:36
12 Darren Lothian 00:32:54
13 David Johnston 00:33:26
14 William Mills 00:34:41
18 Craig Forsyth 00:35:10
16 Bill Lowes 00:35:24
17 Tobby Dawson 00:35:28
15 Ben Lightly 00:36:34
19 Gareth Murray 00:43:51


This week the club are taking part in The Border Trophy series, where on Monday 10th heat 1 was held at Kelso, mid week Wednesday 12th we have a 5 mile TT at Abbotsford, race starts at 7pm. Heat 2 will be at Berwick on Sunday 16th and heat 3 is to be held at Gala on Wednesday 19th. Kelso won the Trophy last year with a strong fast team and will be looking to retain it again. Entry details can be found at British Cycling Events.

Coming up on Sunday 23rd the biggest club run event this year see`s the third Braw Lad`s Ba` Breaker cycle sportive. Which has already been voted the no1 sportive in the UK. Offering riders two courses 55 miles and 109 miles, passing through the beautiful quite country roads from Gala, Peel, Innerleithan, Heriot and up the famous Stow Hill Climb. Onto Langshaw where the run splits and the 109 turns left up Mosshouses, Earlston, Redpath Rig, stop for your breath at Scott View before continuing to Nesbit and Jedburgh. It`s then the 109 comes into the square and up Lanton Rd.  A meander through the back roads Lilliesleaf, Midlem, Bowden, Melrose and a run back to Gala where a warm welcome awaits. Entries are coming from all over Scotland the UK with a visiting rider coming all the way from Belguim to take part, priced at only £15 proves to be good value for money sportive. Entry details can be found at www.galacc.uk .