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Braw Lads 'Baw' Breaker 2013



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Online Entries are now closed however you can enter the event on the day

Now in it's third year and voted the third best sportive by Cyclosport reviewers in 2012, the Braw Lads Baw' Breaker returns. Once again allowing the option of two dchallenging courses with distances of: 50 mile and 111 mile.

Starting in the Scottish Borders town of Galashiels the route rolls along the quiet back roads to Innerleithen, Heriot, and Stow. From Stow you encounter the famous hill climb used for the club's Time Trial and 2012 Scottish National Hill Climb Championship.It's relatively short but do not under estimate it! From the top you continue to Langshaw. Here the two routes split. The short route heads home via Ellwyn Glen, Bottle Bridge and back to Galashiels. The long route goes over the climb at Mosshouses heading for Earlston and adding an extra climb through Redpath before heading for the stunning vantage point of Scotts View. Please slow down to take pleasure in the view of the Eildon Hills as you will get closer to them later in the day. Enjoy the descent through Dryburgh and head for St Boswells and Maxton.The route now winds itself past Nisbet heading for Morebattle and Hownam. From here you have some significant climbs over to Jedburgh and Lanton. Finally the route heads home via Denholm, Lilliesleaf, Midlem, the Eildon Hills and Melrose  

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 Event Results 2013

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50 Mile                                                               111 Mile


2 John Kent Male 2h 41m   129 Patrick Tighe Male 6h 27m
50 Adam Odoj Male 2h 44m   102 David Gibson Male 6h 38m
63 Colin Tough Male 2h 52m   135 Stuart McIntosh Male 6h 43m
64 Rob Martin Male 2h 52m   150 Doug Allan Male 6h 43m
66 David Johnston Male 2h 59m   186 Tommy Murray Male 6h 56m
104 Tony Wackett Male 3h 00m   130 Neil Milton Male 6h 59m
164 Richard Moore Male 3h 01m   157 Donald Smith Male 6h 59m
153 Phil Wilkinson Male 3h 04m   174 Michael Haywood Male 7h 03m
21 Paul Richardson Male 3h 04m   181 Shaun Kinahan Male 7h 03m
24 David Robertson Male 3h 04m   169 David Spedding Male 7h 13m
27 Mervyn Robb Male 3h 05m   115 Alastair Anderson Male 7h 29m
144 Andrew Dickson Male 3h 07m   103 Neil Pendrich Male 7h 33m
16 Sinclair William Male 3h 11m   125 Drew Sharkey Male 7h 36m
40 Colin Wilson Male 3h 11m   165 Alan Johnston Male 7h 43m
41 Audrey Power Female 3h 11m   134 Simon Trumper Male 7h 45m
52 Denver Rumney Male 3h 11m   187 Ross Middleton Male 7h 45m
51 Ian Harvey Male 3h 12m   183 Christopher Adamson Male 7h 51m
29 Robert Thomson Male 3h 14m   152 Donald Richardson Male 7h 54m
18 Stephen Ireland Male 3h 15m   180 Jeremy Smith Male 7h 54m
26 Lou Challinor Female 3h 17m   184 Colin Stevenson Male 7h 54m
46 Peggie Donald Male 3h 19m   14 Michael Newton Male 7h 57m
57 Gordon Hunter Male 3h 19m   111 Julian Howell Male 7h 59m
65 Ben Lightly Male 3h 19m   100 Russell Carson Male 8h 03m
6 Alistair McCutcheon Male 3h 21m   151 Campbell Moffat Male 8h 04m
8 Alistair Mcardle Male 3h 21m   178 Michael Browne Male 8h 13m
9 Matthew Anderson Male 3h 21m   177 Richard Hirst Male 8h 18m
54 Angus Tommy Male 3h 21m   163 Alexander Aitchison Male 8h 24m
62 George Runciman Male 3h 21m   143 Hugh Paterson Male 8h 29m
5 Derek Godfrey Male 3h 25m   128 Keith Veitch Male 8h 31m
30 Michael Middlemiss Male 3h 25m   138 Neil Cruickshanks Male 8h 31m
3 George Brown Male 3h 26m   168 Gordon Scott Male 8h 39m
32 Simon Bennett Male 3h 28m   175 Stephen Breslin Male 8h 41m
55 David Henry Male 3h 28m   166 John Dawson Male 8h 44m
58 Toby Dawson Male 3h 29m   105 Murray Briggs Male 8h 46m
59 Allan Dawson Male 3h 29m   116 Isabella De Wit Female 8h 46m
67 Joseph Agnew Male 3h 29m   120 Dirk Kloosterboer Male 8h 46m
48 Tom Dempster Male 3h 30m   176 William Robertson Male 8h 50m
25 Keith Redburn Male 3h 31m   182 Stewart Barrie Male 8h 50m
45 Scott Anderson Male 3h 31m   141 Rob Stankiewicz Male 8h 53m
23 Ian Shepherd Male 3h 32m   161 tim Mccall Male 8h 53m
109 Timothy May Male 3h 33m   154 Dick Sweetnam Male 8h 55m
145 David Murray Male 3h 33m   162 Scott Hunter Male 8h 55m
148 Kier Murray Male 3h 33m   167 Ian Bruce Male 8h 55m
171 Kevin Chalmers Male 3h 33m   185 Mike Sinclair Male 8h 55m
28 Brian Beattie Male 3h 33m   185 Mike Sinclair Male 9h 01m
68 Colin Fergus Male 3h 33m   158 James Ryan Male 9h 01m
20 James Cleghorn Male 3h 35m   160 Leo Baker Male 9h 01m
31 Colin Brown Male 3h 35m   140 Gary Morton Male 9h 05m
43 Rachel Berrry Female 3h 36m   142 Macaulay Allan Male 9h 05m
44 Judyta Kajstura Female 3h 36m   149 Keith Hardie Male 9h 07m
61 Dirk Kleinjan Male 3h 36m   112 Nicholas Johnston Male 9h 11m
7 Sandy McComish Male 3h 39m   156 Malcolm Winter Male 9h 19m
12 Liam Thomson Male 3h 39m   127 David Harrison Male 9h 23m
13 Elaine Andrews Female 3h 39m   132 Colin Holmes Male 9h 28m
56 Fergus Johnston Male 3h 39m   123 Richard Dowling Male DNF
60 Robin Malone Male 3h 45m   124 Janet Roxburgh Female DNF
1 David McCudden Male 3h 46m   131 Kim McGillivray Male DNF
53 Keith Wylde Male 3h 55m   133 Ben Vogelsang Male DNF
33 Paul Digard Male 3h 56m   155 Jimmy Donaldson Male DNF
34 Pip Beard Female 3h 56m   101 Leahn Parry Male DNS
22 Colin Brown Male 3h 57m   106 Neill Morrison Male DNS
35 James Hume Male 3h 57m   107 John Yuille Male DNS
38 Alan Foulis Male 4h 11m   108 Lucy McTaggart Female DNS
39 Doreen Foulis Female 4h 11m   110 Richard Scott Male DNS
42 Robert Johnston Male 4h 11m   113 Tommy Johnston Male DNS
36 Keith Taylor Male 5h 16m   114 Barry Campbell Male DNS
37 Helen Bell Female 5h 16m   117 christopher McConnell Male DNS
47 Piotr Januszewski Male DNF   118 John Urquhart Male DNS
4 Robert Cockburn Male DNS   119 Scott MacPherson Male DNS
10 Joanna Skwarski Female DNS   121 Jim McCartney Male DNS
11 Ben Elliott Male DNS   122 Anthony Crimin Male DNS
15 Tom McMaster Male DNS   126 Gordon Miln Male DNS
17 Derek Moses Male DNS   136 Jane Stevenson Female DNS
19 Craig Lewis Male DNS   137 Derek Brown Male DNS
49 Rory Caverhill Male DNS   139 Les Turnbull Male DNS
            146 Alfred Forbes Male DNS
            147 McGillivray Kim Male DNS
            170 Grahame Veitch Male DNS
            172 Mike Horsburgh Male DNS
            173 Jamie McPherson Male DNS
            179 Alasdair FitzGerald Male DNS


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